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About  Intuition and Psychicness

Intuition is a gift that is designed to shift the human perspective. Intuition originates within the Infinite Intelligence of the Divine, emanates into our individual souls, and informs our human consciousness. Since its origin is Divine, it has a higher perception and a greater understanding of all worldly and spiritual conditions. Everything is seen from the bird's eye view. As people walking through life, coping with everyday problems, work, relationships, and some major life-changing issues, we are often overwhelmed and can feel that our problems are impossible to overcome. Intuition frees us to see ourselves and our conditions in a new light ⁠— less injured, more purposeful.


We gain amazing, spiritual insight into our situation and may be able to become more objective, more empowered. Answers are available here that we could not find earlier. Accessing this wisdom allows us to know more about ourselves and the world around us. Intuitive intelligence gives us these insights as we walk through life, coping with these problems. It sheds light onto the whys and hows of our purpose, including the reasons for undertaking these difficulties. These insights can lead us to better decision making, healing old emotional attitudes, and even creating a new opportunity by choosing a new, original, and holistic response to an old habit or pattern.


Through intuition, we can discover our purpose in life and the patterns behind issues that cause us pain. Once we understand the pattern and how we can learn from it, we can shift our perspective and ease suffering. We can then move to the next level of expressing our soul's purpose on earth. We can begin to understand a much more complex spiritual purpose our soul has undertaken in this life.


As intuitives, we excel in subjects we enjoy. I particularly enjoy finding the life purpose of my clients ⁠— discerning soul patterns that operate, "behind the scenes," in an individual's life. Looking into patterns that originated in previous lives allows us to broaden our perspective about painful, personal issues. Often, the suffering we experience is rooted here. This is where we learn about our innermost essence, our true strengths, our courage and love, and our Divine origin. Contact Mary now to learn more.